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Pig farmers

Rezoolution offers personalized services for pig farmers regarding nutrition, welfare, herd management and health issues. Moreover, we can evaluate your ventilation system, identify problems, suggest adjustments and work with your equipment supplier to implement solutions.


Improve conception and efficiency of your pig facilities

Our staff helps you in the identification of critical points for the improvement of your swine facilities, realizes a diagnosis and customized recommendations.
For a building that doesn’t work as it should ;
To validate a new building or renovation project, in terms of biosecurity, ventilation and animal welfare ;
For the start-up of a new building ;
To carry out a check of any parasitic loss of electric power and stray voltages in facilities ;
To check the preparation and distribution functions of your liquid feed machine ;
To clean, strip and disinfect the water pipes of your farm.
Analyse de la charpente d'une porcherie
Examen onglon de porc


Veterinary expertise to improve pig health using preventive solutions in order to reduce antibiotic consumption and drugs budget

Rezoolution provides expertise in pig health issues. Our staff offers variable levels of swine consulting and veterinary services to best suit your operation.

To stabilise, or even eradicate, PRRS ;
To address problems in the farrowing unit (fertility, abortions, stillbirths, neonatal diarrhoea, neonatal death) ;
To address problems in the post-weaning unit (recurrent influenza, diarrhoea, ear necrosis, mortality, arthritis and meningitis) ;
To address problems in the finishing unit (cough, diarrhoea, mortalities, carcass condemnation, actinobacillosis, tail bitting) ;
To reduce health care costs.

Herd management

Our team collects and analyzes data to help you to improve your wean to market productivity and profitability by feed and production data analyses ans farm’staff education

Our staff has decades of swine herd management and production data analyzes experience. Learn more about what we can do to improve your breed to wean productivity and profitability, your feed conversion ratio, your ADG, your wean-to-marketing mortality. 

To set up a scoreboard system in order to monitor your farm ;
To analyzes all records (reproduction, farrowing, breed to wean and wean to marketing data) ;
To improve animal welfare ;
To ensure the sustainability of a team of well-trained and motivated employees ;
To implement farrowing batch system ;
To adjust the feeding management of sows ;
To define critical control points when producing farm-made feed ;
To optimise the index, growth and meat quality of finishing pigs.
Mise en place d'un tableau de bord dans votre élevage porcin
Formation référent bien être animal rezoolution


In 2023, the Rezoolution program emphasizes the mandatory training course “Animal welfare adviser”.

This training is part of a course consisting of a distance module lasting 2 hours available on the link: formation-referent-bien-etre-animal.fr and training labeled “animal welfare” a duration of at least 7 hours.

This second training is available in two formats to choose from.

Maternity: monitoring sows and piglets for better animal welfare
Training Animal welfare adviser for pig farming: understanding the needs of animals, detecting and preventing pain.

Download or view our training program. For registration or any information, contact us


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