Customer testimonial in pig farming

Successful depopulation / Repopulation plan in a pig dense area

Farm description

  • GAEC La Cour, Saint Judoce, Brittany, France.
  • Jean-Marie Chapron, his daughter Pauline and Florian (employee).
  • 350-sow farrow-to-market farm.
  • 100% Farm made feed.
  • The farm was bought in 2019 by Jean-Marie Chapron who implement a depopulation / repopulation plan. The farm was repopulated with high health status gilts in 2020.

Can you describe your project?

We wanted to diversify our activities with pig production and feed mill. We were milk and poultry producers. We also produce methane in our farm. We always want to develop our bussiness with new production, because, as the old French saying recommend: ‘you don’t have to put all one’s eggs in one basket’. This project is for us a new challenge. 

Why did you call rezoolution ?

We chose Rezoolution because they help us with specific procedures and their consultants accompanied us at each step of the depop/repop plan. They didn’t only consider animal health but also water quality, air flow and mechanic ventilation equipment’s management, internal and external biosecurity, employee education.


Who was responsible for your project in the team ?

Arnaud and Justine were in charge of our project. Arnaud for sanitary measures, including the choice of the nucleus herd which fitted with our objectives and Justine for farm management and our education to pig breeding.


What were the objectives ?

Rezoolution drafted the specification regarding gilts for the discussion with genetic companies. They controlled, based on diagnostics procedures, the gilts health status at arrival to check if it fitted with our demand. Before gilts delivery, Arnaud and Justine designed a decontamination plan based on many procedures for cleaning and disinfection of all barns, including manure pits and lofts. We improved internal and external biosecurity. Justine also controlled all mechanic ventilation equipments and design easy procedures to adjust air flow parameters in accordance with specific recommendations based on the age of pigs. So, we welcome our first gilts in the best conditions. Arnaud drafted a prophylactic plan for them and monitored their health status regularly since the population. Justine gave us recommendations for feed (liquid feed system), in concertation with our minerals provider. Finally, Justine performed our education regarding pig breeding as inseminations, piglet care at birth (umbilical disinfection, surgical castration…), nursing, recordings.


What are the results ?

During the setting up of the breeding, they supported us very well, were very present and taught us a lot of things in many areas (management, mater care, etc.).

The objectives have been achieved because we are satisfied with our breeding and our animals despite the ups and downs, hoping that we will continue like this.


What are the technical results?

Our production performances are out of our wishes for the moment. Our older sows are in rank 3. Here are our main results:

Fertility rate 91 %
Total born 16,3
Alive Born 15,5
Stillborns (as percentage of total born) 5,2 %
Pre-weaning mortality 9,5 %
Weaned per sow 14,03

The wean-to-finish mortality rate is about 2%, and the average daily gain (wean-to-finish) is 784 grammes per day on average. We are waiting for the first synthesis of our production data.


What are your perspectives now ?

We buy another finishing barn recently. We implement the same procedures because of the success of our first attempt. Again, we chose Rezoolution to accompany us for this new project.

Gaec la cour Saint Judoce

On the photo Florian (employee) and Jean-Marie Chapron.